Dim the Lights and Turn Up the Music

Yesterday was an interesting day. Besides officially launching the blog I also taught, meet one of the hubby’s university friends and went to dinner at Original Joe’s.

The day started with what I would assume would be a normal subbing day at a school I’ve been to many times, for a teacher I’ve been in for many times. Strange days happen when you least expect them.

The first period started fairly normally. Nothing too interesting but as the morning when on two strange things happened. First, a student tried to steal a computer from my second class (laptop to be exact) and second two students who usually get along spend the entire class insulting each other and being exceptionally rude to each other.

By lunch time I felt fluster and frustrated. After having a talk with the teacher I was in for (she was just in a meeting) I felt much better and my afternoon pasted by with no problems and actually went really well.

Like I said…weird day of teaching.

Last night the husband had a dinner planned with a friend from university (college for those Americans out there). They have only seen each other once since we moved to the city and this time the husband wanted me to meet him so I tagged along.

We ended up at Original Joe’s. Neither of us had been there before. It’s a chain restaurant/bar on the west coast of Canada and after looking at the menu we figured it would be good pub food for the night.

Please excuse image quality. I took them with my iphone last night when I forgot my camera.

Original Joe’s is located on Stephen Avenue, downtown Calgary.

Any great pub night starts with an alcoholic beverage. I decided to pretend it’s summer even though we are expecting 20 cm of snow tomorrow and I opted for the Back Porch Lemonade.

Lemon Vodka, fresh lemonade and a splash of Cointreau.

It was ok and honestly I know most drinks you purchase when your out you can make at home but this time I felt especially like this. Usually, when spending 8 dollars on a drink they are in nice glasses or feel complicated (even if they aren’t) but this one felt like no effort was put into it.

Thursday’s are wine night at Original Joe’s and if I had been in the mood for wine it would have been a great place to go. Half price bottles of wine – Good Deal!

For dinner I went with the veggie burger.

Grilled seasoned veggie patty, served on a whole wheat honey bun with guacamole, house made hummus, and crisp lettuce. Topped with our own bruschetta and melted mozzarella cheese.

I opted to leave off the guacamole and bruschetta and my two sides were fresh veggies and dip as well as sweet potato fries.

It was good but HUGE! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big burger/bun. I couldn’t finish my plate.

The sweet potato fries were delicious! They had some form of seasoning and I couldn’t stop eating them.

Overall, it was an ok experience but with so many wonderful restaurants in Calgary I’m not sure I’ll go back. By the time we were leaving (around 8:00) the music was so loud you couldn’t hear the person sitting next to you.

I’m off now to do a little educational reading and then pick up the husband from work.


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