History Buff

After the 30 cm (almost a foot for those Americans out there) of snow we got on Sunday I was awful glad to see the sun out early on Sunday morning. By about 2 most of the snow on the road had melted and I felt like we were back to spring again.

Yesterday was kinda a chilled day. Here are some of the random things I did during the day.

* I spend some time watching The History Channel.

I know, I know a little geeky but I am a bit of a History buff/nerd. I love learning about history and sometimes The History Channel has some great shows.

* I also made a grilled cheese sandwich with my waffle maker.

It was good but not cooked as well as I would have liked it on the outside.

* I took a long Sunday afternoon nap.

One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is take an afternoon nap. I haven’t been able to do this for a while because we’ve been so busy on the weekends but with nothing to do yesterday I curled up with the kitty and enjoyed.

* Made a cheesy pasta dish for dinner – yummy!

* Watched the new show: The Killing on AMC.

Did anyone else watch it last night?

It was really good. I’m not surprised though. I love Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I haven’t seen The Walking Dead yet but I’m thinking about catching up on the first season. I heard it was another good one.

My current lead suspect is Stephen – The other detective. Not sure why yet but he just seems really creepy.

If you watched and have a suspect let me know who you think this it. I’d love to know your thoughts.


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