Photography Lesson #1

Last week I caught a link to the website/blog The Secret to Success is Support. I have to say as soon as I found it I was in love. There are some great blog topics and discussion and the whole idea behind the blog is a group of women bloggers (over 8000) supporting one another by leaving comments.

One of the topics they are talking about right now is photography. What I love about it is that it’s not just about professional photographers looking down on others or about needing the best camera it’s just about taking photos and learning using whatever camera you have.

They are doing a series of blog posts called ‘Spring into Action’ which is basically helping others out by focusing on a different topic(s) each post trying to teach others about some a the basis photography tips. Post #1 was on prospective and composition.

I’m going to do into too much detail and recall everything that is said. If you’d like to read the post you can here.

When it comes to composition it’s the rule of thirds. By splitting your picture up into thirds your making is more interesting then just putting the subject in the centre of the photo.

For prospective it’s about telling a story and looking at each subject from a different angle or prospective.

At the end of each post there is a photography challenge. The challenge for the first post was to choose one subject and take at least 20 pictures of it from different prospectives and composition.

Since I was out on a walk with the husband later that evening I decided to work on my skills but instead of just using one subject I just worked on prospective and composition using a variety of subjects. I think I’m going to try this challenge again with just one subject but for now  I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures the I took from the other night.

Since the goal of the challenge is not about how good your camera is and I only had my phone with me I just used that.

**All of the following pictures were taken on my iphone**

These were just a few of my favourites. I’ll continue to add/discuss the different topics that the SITS Girls discuss as I complete the challenges.


One response to “Photography Lesson #1

  1. I’m so glad you’re digging the challenge!

    Love your shots! The blues throughout all of them really go well together as a series!

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