Friday Night’s Alright

So I’m a little behind from the weekend but if your guess from the last post was…

A Charity Gala for the Special Olympics the you guessed correctly.

  • Dress: R.W. & Co.
  • Shoes: Steve Madden
  • Flower in Hair: R.W. & Co.
  • Earrings: R.W. & Co.
  • Clutch (Unpictured): Coach

The night started out alright. We met some other friends from Matt’s office who were going to the gala at RUSH (a resturant not far from where the gala was being held) for dinner and drinks.

It was a really nice place with a young and hip vibe.

I started with a glass of wine to get the night going. For dinner I ordered high-end comfort food – Grilled Cheese and Mushroom Sandwich with tomato soup and a order of rosemary fries. It’s a little strange to eat comfort food at a high-end restaurant but it was quite good.

After dinner we headed to the gala. As soon as we walked in both the husband and I knew it wasn’t our thing. I’m not sure what I had expected but it was more like going to a club on a Friday night. With an open bar, a dessert bar and a performance by Shawn Desmond I had high expectations for the night but after the Calvin Klein Underwear Fashion Show we called it a night and headed home.

I’m at least glad that my ticket when to charity because we really didn’t get to enjoy much of what the night had to offer.

A couple of other random final thought:

  1. I’m not sure how I felt about the outfit post. I enjoy discussing fashion and clothing on the blog but I’m not really use to getting my picture taken. I guess I’ll have to work on that.
  2. I have lots more to share with your from the weekend but I’m running a bit behind so I’ll catch up with those tomorrow.
  3.  If you haven’t giving me your opinion on my new twitter name I’d love some feedback. So far I just have one vote for sunandpedis. Take a read and let me know please 🙂


One response to “Friday Night’s Alright

  1. Sorry the gala wasn’t what you expected. It’s so fun to get dressed up!

    It’s nice to see your beautiful smiling face again 🙂 Miss you around these parts!

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