When HGTV hits Home

Renovations are always tough but unplanned ones are even worse.

To catch everyone up from last night’s random post we had a flood yesterday.

Here’s what went down:

Yesterday afternoon I put a load of laundry in our machine (our machine is one of those washer/dryer combos from Europe), turned it on and headed into the kitchen to do some dishes and make lunch. A little while later I here a knock on the door and it is the lady who lives below us letting me know that there is water leaking into her apartment from the ceiling. I look around and see that our washing machine is leaking and water is everywhere.

I as quickly as possible cleaned up the water and then called the husband who in turn called our landlord.

About an hour later a plummer showed up to turn off the water and then later in the evening we had someone come in and look at our floors. It turned out there was water damage not only to the flooring in front of the washer but also it leaked through the hall closet and into the bedroom closet and then into the bedroom and because of this the flooring had to be removed in all of those rooms. We moved our bed to the living room and slept there last night.

Here are some pictures of what our apartment currently looks like:

The hall and washer/dryer where the leak originally started (we use to have laminate there).

The bedroom where half the carpet has been ripped up.

The bedroom from the opposite side of the room (and the fans which we used to help dry the floor boards).

Bedroom/Living Room combo. It’s a little strange to wake up in the morning in your living room.

Kitchen. As you can see cooking is very difficult right now.

Most of our bedroom is now in our dining room.

We also just found out that there is a puddle underneath the floorboards in the closet so they are going to shop vac the water out and then let it dry overnight. As of right now, we will have the floors back tomorrow and we be able to move everything back tomorrow night.

We are also getting a new machine next week so hopefully this won’t happen again.

Cross your fingers for us that it all works out that way. Not sure how long I can live out of one room.


2 responses to “When HGTV hits Home

  1. Ooof! I am definitely crossing my fingers for you. What an unfortunate situation. In the meantime, perhaps you could pretend you live in a chic loft apartment where everything’s in one room? Hang in there, girl!

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