My First Gold Card

Look what arrived today…

My first gold card.

Ok, so it’s only a Starbucks card but it’s kinda cool, nevertheless.

For those who don’t know how to get a Starbucks gold card is I’ll break it down for you:

The Starbucks gold card program is one that takes place in the US and is now a pilot program here in Calgary.

What you have to do is register your Starbucks card and you can start earning rewards. For every drink you buy you earn one star.

After 5 stars you receive:

  • Free Syrups and Milk
  • Free refills on Brewed (or Iced) Coffee or Tea
  • Free Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase
After 30 stars you receive: 
  • Personalized Gold Card
  • Free Drink every 15 Stars
  • All the other rewards from the 5 Star level
  • Other offers and promotions
Overall, it’s a pretty good program, especially if you buy a lot of coffee. My husband receives a free drink ever few weeks as well as free refills on his coffee. After he had been participating in the program for a while I decided to join. I don’t buy coffee as much as he does so it took me a while to reach the gold card level but now I can start earning free drinks.
If you you live in the US or in Calgary and you buy Starbucks even every once in a while I recommend you pick up a Starbucks card and register it. Free drinks is always good, right?


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