Canada Day Weekend

Happy long weekend everyone!

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there…



And Happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there…



It’s been an interesting weekend for me. Friday the husband was feeling a little better so we headed downtown to enjoy some of the Canada Day activities.

iphone 068

This is the only pictures of the day I managed to take during the day. It was very crowded but a beautiful day. We just spend some time walking around and just enjoying the sun and the people.

We then stopped and picked up some Chinese food for dinner. No pictures but I had tofu with mixed veggies, mushroom fried rice and a veggie spring roll.

Saturday was basically spent running errands and such. Nothing too exciting.

Today, the husband had a early morning flight. He has left for Toronto for a week long work conference so I’m by myself this week. I dropped him off at the airport at 7 am and then headed out to do a little grocery shopping.

This week is going to be filled with yummy, veggie filled recipes. I can’t wait to share some of them with you. The day started with a trip to the gym and then since I had the entire day to kill I hit up four stores.

Costco, superstore, Community Natural Food (a organic/natural foods store here in Calgary)…

iphone 070

And Co-op.

iphone 075

I have a fun grocery post coming up tomorrow so stay tuned.

Afterwards I made one last stop at Starbucks for a venti, light ice, green tea.

July 006

I also picked up a new Starbucks sippy cup for my water while I was there.

July 004

Since I dropped my last one a few months ago I’ve been dying to get another one.

This one has a removable inside so you can take it with you and it has your favourite drink already written down for them.

July 005

I’m not going to be using it for that (water consumption only) but it’s still a pretty cool feature.

I’m now at home about to have a chat with my mom and wait for the husband to call then I’ll make some delicious dinner.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a grocery post and my first yummy dinner.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of how full my fridge is after all the shopping I did today.

July 008

I have so much produce I’m not even sure how I’m going to be able to eat it all in one week.

July 007

I’m sure going to try though.


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