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Bar Challenge

Tonight’s post is coming to you a little late. I had a busy day today but you’ll have to wait until tomorrows post to find out why.

Yesterday was a pretty chilled day. I decided to sleep in a little bit and when I finally got my butt out of bed the first thing I did was hit the gym.

Yesterday’s workout was a great one. It started with a 5 min warm up on the treadmill followed by a weight sesh (each of the following exercises were performed 3 times)

Exercise Weight Reps
Bent Over Fly 20 lbs 12 Reps
Frog Crunches 15 Reps
Plie + Bicep Curl 20 lbs 10 Reps
Bench Dips 12 Reps
Bent Over Row 20 lbs 12 Reps
Reverse Crunch 12 Reps
Overhead Press 20 lbs 10 Reps
Stability Ball
Hamstring Curl
12 Reps
Plank 20 Secs

After the weights I hopped on the treadmill and did a short interval run walk.

  • 1 min @ 6.0, walk 1 min
  • 1 min @ 6.3, walk 1 min
  • 1 min @ 6.5, walk 1 min
  • 1 min @ 6.8, walk 1 min
  • 45 sec @ 7.0, walk 1.25 min (x2)
  • 30 sec @ 7.3, walk 1.5 min
  • 30 sec @ 8.5, walk 1.5 min

After the gym, I came home blogged and then headed to an hour long yoga class.

After all that exercise I was starving. Dinner last night was another winner. Mama Pea’s Noodle Salad with Peanut Mmmm Sauce.

July 002

You can find the original recipe here. I followed her except I left off the peanuts.

July 004

Mine turned out a little more like a stir fry then a salad it was still delicious. I’ll be making this for the husband next week when he get back.

After dinner I spend some time in the kitchen doing a little baking.

I made Jenna’s (Eat Live Run) Double Banana Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bars.

July 005

These were good but I’d say a little too many chocolate chips. I’d cut them by a 1/3 next time I made them.

I also made Lynn’s (Lynn’s Life) Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars.

July 066

These are ok but definitely not enough chocolate chip or peanut butter. I’d double those the next time. You can hardly taste them and the just crumbled apart when I cut them. They need more for everything to stick together.

Finally, I made a batch of my homemade granola bars.

July 068

I subbed the dried cranberries for dried cherries and it turned out wonderful. These are always my favourite bars not matter how much different types that I make.

Do you have a favourite homemade granola bar recipe? Send me the link. I’m always looking to challenge my favourite.


Spoke too Soon

After complaining yesterday about the crappy weather here it warmed up today and was beautiful. Sunny and +23. It’s probably the nicest day we’ve had so far this year and it doesn’t seem to stop. Tomorrow it suppose to be +28 and on Thursday +24. Tough to complain about that.

Also, remember I said I only had today and a 1/2 day next week and then I was done for the year. Again, not true. I finished my day of teaching today but now I have a full day Friday but off on Monday. Looking forward to be on summer vacation at the end of the week.

Finally, yesterday when I mentioned that I had been rocking the gym lately. That part is very true but what else is true is that my eating has been horrible lately. I’ve only been cooking at home 2-3 times a week and food lately has consisted of eating at restaurants with friends, fast food, Thai, Chinese and Subway (I know not that bad but not good for my bank account either). This has been going on for the past 3-4 weeks and I really need to kick these habits.

Even with this crappy eating I’ve been able to lose about 7 lbs over the past 3 weeks or so from all the trips to the gym. Can you imagine how it would go if I could clean up my eating?

My plan is pretty simple. Start cooking at home. When I cook at home I’m much more likely to eat better and healthier. I really enjoy cooking but I’ve just been so busy lately I haven’t made it a priority and that needs to change. I’ll try to start blogging more meals and hopefully that will help to keep me on track.

Right now my gym routine has looked like this:


  • Monday – weights in the morning, run on the track with the husband in the evening.
  • Tuesday – cardio in the morning
  • Wednesday – weights in the morning, run on the track with the husband in the evening
  • Thursday – cardio in the morning
  • Friday – cardio (usually running intervals on the treadmill) and weights
  • Saturday – run or swim or rest day depending on other plans
  • Sunday –  hour of tennis with the husband in the morning
This has been the current schedule but with teaching done I might mix things up a little bit. I’ll keep you up to date on my current schedule.

I also started back at yoga last week. So far I went Thursday and Friday last week and today. I also plan on going tomorrow and Thursday. Once teaching is done this week my plan is to go either Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll have to see once I get into a routine.

I’m really happy to be back at yoga but I forgot how hard it is and how much work it actually is.

Don’t get me wrong – I love it but my body is paying for not doing it for the last 8 months. As I sit here typing this post my legs are reeling from my class a couple of hours ago.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when I will have some exciting new to share with you.